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About Bhoomija Group of Education

The BHOOMIJA School is born with the desire to nurture the child & lay healthy foundation for a learned society.  Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. Parents have a variety of aspiration for their children while seeking admission- some parents want their children to get into prestigious institutes like IIT, NIT, BITS etc; some want them to become entrepreneurs and large employers; some want them to pursue civil services and some others target prestigious universities as their children’s academic destination. Here in our BHOOMIJA School education is a matter of serious consideration. The BMPS was conceived with a comprehensive approach to school education focusing mainly on five important aspects of life- Health, Wealth, Character, Happy Childhood and a well rounded education and that goes beyond helping them crack exams. The members of the staff in Bhoomija strongly believe that each child enters this campus has many potentialities and efficiencies to form and frame himself/herself as a successful, energetic, vibrant and skilled young men & women of our country.

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